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What to bring and things to do

When planning a trip to Twin Falls, be sure to include hiking and climbing equipment, cameras and binoculars. Those interested in art should include a sketch pad.

Bring plenty of water for the hike to Twin Falls.

To enjoy the evening happy hour, please bring your own libation.

Warm clothes are recommended due to the cool air of high altitude. A waterproof jacket for rainy days, a pair of wool socks, a heavy fleece sweater, wool shirt and a pair of hiking shoes are a must for your comfort. A pair of slippers, or sandals or light shoes, are ideal for inside the lodge. A large day pack will bring in your total requirements for your stay.

If you plan to park overnight at any of the Takakkaw Falls parking lots (or at any other lot in the National Parks) you must ensure to display a valid Park Pass to cover the length of your stay.

Get out there

Exploring the area’s numerous hiking trails offers fresh air exercise and incredible vistas. There are hiking trails for every taste and every level of fitness. From a leisurely walk to nearby Marpole Lake, to a more demanding hike to the top of the Twin Falls, or a loop over the Whaleback Trail or a strenuous and long climb to Kiwetinok Pass, hikers of every fitness level will be rewarded.

On top of the world

Climbers and ice walkers can tackle nearby Mont des Poilus, Yoho Peak, Yoho Glacier, to name a few. Please check with Parks Canada Information Centres for back country permits.

Flora & Fauna

Animals and birds, fish and flora are in abundance within Yoho National Park. Elk, moose, black bear, deer, beaver and marmots are common sights. There are approximately 170 species of birds making their summer home in Yoho National Park, including the Canada Jay, chickadees and ptarmigan. Many beautiful alpine flora grow along the trails by Twin Falls Chalet. Indian Paint-brush, Fleabane and Columbine are among them.



Mountain Heather and Phlox grow at the higher elevations.

Relaxing Yoho Style

Most guests like to arrive at Twin Falls Chalet in the afternoon of their first day, where they will enjoy a light snack before the hearty home cooked dinner and then retire for the night to the ever present soothing sound of the falls. After a full breakfast, the second day is typically spent hiking in the area and enjoying the delicious packed lunch supplied with your stay; another good night sleep after enjoying both the food and conversations around the dinner table will be sure to completely “unwind” all those city slickers. Another excellent breakfast is served again the following morning, which is usually the day of departure; a packed lunch is also supplied for the hike back.


Twin Falls Chalet also offers numerous reading materials, playing cards and board games for those seeking a less strenuous day or for relaxing after a wonderful day of hiking.